Lockdown Blog: Day 2

Wednesday, 25th March 2020

Much quieter today. The measures taken seem to be heeded and there were much, much fewer people out and about today and, when I took my daily exercise, it was noticeably quiet, even compared to yesterday.

Perhaps it was the news that the Prince of Wales had contracted Covid-19. Perhaps it was that everyone, finally, has run out of room to put all the toilet rolls, bottles of cooking oil and frozen foods.

Despite the closure of all cultural venues, culture itself has not been closed completely. Now, as getting editing contracts is proving somewhat challenging, I’m back to writing. The BBC are running a callout for scripts for a short series called InterConnected and the Papatango Theatre Company are asking for monologues. So at least people are connecting with stories in this time.

One interesting phenomenon is the use of face masks whilst people are driving. Over the past week, I’ve noticed increasing numbers of people using face masks in their own vehicles while driving. I’d love to know the thinking, and the science if there is any, behind that.

There are increasingly vocal calls for support for the self-employed and so, hopefully, by tomorrow we’ll understand how the government are to support us as they have our employed friends and colleagues.

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