Lockdown Blog: Day 3

Thursday, 26th March 2020

Three days in, the sun, an important topic of conversation in the UK, is out. Ironically, it seems, the only time we get sun is the only time we’re not allowed to properly enjoy it. Still, gardens should be well tended to this year.

Today, we saw how Covid-19 is affecting absolutely everybody in the community. Yesterday it was the Prince of Wales, today it was confirmed that prisoners are also dying of the virus. Whoever you are or what ever you’ve with your life, this has proved to be a great leveller of people.

I’m reminded of the HIV crisis of the 1980s and worry that groups of people will soon become stigmatised and ostracised because of this crisis. Let’s hope that it brings us together.

So far, it is bringing the country together. We’ve clapped the NHS workers tonight. Someone close to me even let of a single firework. We’re smiling to each other as we pass in the street and hundreds of thousands of people are signing up to volunteer.

Now, I don’t want to appear negative, but as I’m British, I cannot help myself. When I volunteered with an organisation, we were always desperate for people to join us and help out. What is it about a crisis that gets people to do good things for each other that they wouldn’t ordinarily do? I hope, when all this is over, people try to find ways to help each other without a crisis as a stimulus.

On better news, the Chancellor has announced measures to help the self-employed with a massive financial package. And I completed another free sample edit, a rather bloody fantasy chapter! I hope I get to read some more.

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