Lockdown Blog: Days 5 and 6

Saturday, 28th and Sunday, 29th March 2020

‘Self-isolation’ is not a novel idea for many people in society. For some, indeed, it is their daily norm. WFH, or working from home, is how some of us earn our keep and not something that seems strange or innovative. For a whole raft of people, including writers and editors, especially those who freelance, life is continuing pretty much as normal, with the exception that the outside world has gone slightly bonkers.

But it could soon be more than madness. Francesca Melandri, writing in Saturday’s Guardian, paints a picture of what life in Italy’s lockdown has become and how she see’s Britain’s lockdown and the apparently blasé way some people are treating the lockdown. From the perspective of distance, she relates the Italian experience, said to be two or three weeks ahead of the experience of those in Britain. It really is interesting to see life reflected so accurately from that distance.

One reason for blogging just once over the course of the weekend is that I was working hard on a manuscript. As I said at the beginning, we freelancers have to work regardless, be that weekend or in lockdown. That said, today’s writing was very ‘Lockdown’ focussed, as I quickly write a script for a TV company. Hopefully, they’ll accept it! However, as I write, I’m still a page too long!

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