Lockdown Blog Day 7

Monday, 30th March 2020

I’m not into conspiracy theories. I do believe that man landed on the moon and the Queen is not a lizard-person who came to earth in a pyramid. (What is that all about? Why lizard and why the pyramids?)

I do not believe that the idea of the current lockdown was created to do unspeakable things to the people of this planet by world leaders. I do not believe that this has all been planned from the outset. Rather, I fear there has been a distinct lack of planning.

What I do believe and what I do fear though, is the precedent that this is creating. I was recently trying to think of a time when the atmosphere in towns and cities was quite like this and the only example I could think of was the riots that started in London in 2011. Even then, the government didn’t lock people away in their homes and fine and arrest people on the streets for no good reason. What’s to say that, when a big event or decision is about to take place, another lockdown is imposed. Does a period in ‘self-isolation’ mean we’re less likely to protest?

In better news, I actually submitted a script today! (Having written 15 pages and then reread the T&Cs to discover they only wanted 10 pages.)

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