Lockdown Blog Day 8

Tuesday, 31st March 2020

We’re a week in and what have we learnt?

  • British people will do anything, if it’s presented to us on social media.
    • That includes taking up exercise classes, music or distance learning schemes.
  • British people get bored incredibly easily.
    • They soon find other ways to amuse themselves, quickly moving from useful things to videos.
  • Despite repeated calls for PPE by NHS workers, the government are still struggling to provide them is suitable quantities.
    • But everyone in my local supermarket was wearing masks and gloves?
  • Dogs have never been so fit.
  • People have relearnt to ride bicycles.
  • We don’t need cars.
  • If Boris can get it, anyone can get it.
    • Even Dominic Cummings it appears.

We can do a week, but can we do a month? How long will it take? There are a lot of questions that remain unanswered, but so far, everyone seems compliant. The police, while enforcing the lockdown measures, have come in for a bit of criticism today. With any luck, they won’t need to be enforcing for much longer.

And I’ve learnt that I can blog for 7 days straight. (I did a combined one over the weekend, does that count?)

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