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Lockdown Blog Day 15

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Tuesday, 7th April 2020

I’m going to admit something now. Something that, as a writer, I don’t like to admit.

OK, here goes.

I have absolutely nothing to add.

You may have guessed that, based on the late hour this blog was posted!

When I started this blog, I did think that I would be adding to the great history of this pandemic. It was purely an exercise in recording for myself what I believed was going to be a moment unlike any that my generation have ever seen. Or any generation, for that matter.

I have quipped and mused and had some thoughts about the lockdown.

But today? Nothing.

I’ve worked, which is good. I still have a job, just. I’ve stepped into the garden, briefly. I’ve emptied the bins. But in terms of the lockdown? I have absolutely nothing to add. Is another voice, shouting into the wind really necessary? Do we have too many voices shouting today? Perhaps, sometimes, writers need to say nothing, to make the words they do say mean something.  

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