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Lockdown Blog Day 22

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Tuesday, 14th April 2020

Throughout human history, it is often said that the greatest time of change and invention is during war. Military technology soon finds its way to civilian use and we all benefit. Nuclear power, jet engines, the Internet all began life as military inventions, but soon became powerful developments for the entire human race.

What we are currently engaged in, although is said to be bringing about massive changes in society, is not a war. We talk of battling Covid-19, but in reality, we are not fighting the coronavirus, we are fighting for survival.

It’s why, I believe, we will not really bring massive change as a result of this. We will soon fall back into our old ways, albeit with a bit more national debt. We are not fighting, creating and inventing anything new. We are simply learning to adapt quickly. Very, very quickly.

Are we winning? Or are we just about managing?

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