Lockdown Blog Day 26

Saturday, 18th April 2020

After blogging about finding inspiration, it seems that now I cannot escape finding inspirational things to write about!

Today three astronauts that had been aboard the International Space Station returned to Earth. One left nine months ago, whilst the other two return after six months orbiting above our planet. They left when hugs, kisses, handshakes were acceptable. They left when it was OK to visit family members, meet friends in bars and restaurants and shop for books in bookshops.

Whilst being isolated is nothing unusual if you’ve spent months in space. But the world around has changed so dramatically, can we imagine what it would be like to re-enter the world at this time?

Chris Cassidy, one of the US astronauts, told the Associated Press: “…and where were you when coronavirus was happening […] I’ll have my own interesting story to tell”.

What stories shall we tell?

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