Lockdown Blog Day 29

Tuesday, 21th April 2020

My garden doesn’t grow quickly enough.

I’m green-fingered anyway, but the lockdown is meaning that I am spending more time than usual in the garden. I check on my growing vegetables more times than I really should, leading to a very disappointing feeling when I discover they haven’t grown since the last time I looked.

This year, I’ve planted:

  • potatoes,
  • carrots,
  • tomatoes,
  • broccoli,
  • beetroot,
  • beans
  • peas,
  • mangetout,
  • lettuce and
  • strawberries.

So far, apart from a few green shoots, nothing. I planted three weeks ago, and done a Prince Charles on them, but nothing. Am I being unreasonable? Yes – yes, I am!

How can I become more patient with my garden? Or does my garden just need to recognise it needs to hurry up this year?

Published by Nick Taylor | Editor & Proofreader

Editor and proofreader specialising in LGBTQ+ writing, both fiction and non-fiction.

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