Lockdown Blog Days 33 and 34

Saturday, 25th and Sunday, 26th April 2020

The enforced lockdown, and therefore the removal of the ability to travel quite so far, has meant that we are getting to know our local areas in more intimate detail.

This weekend, during my allotted time for exercise, I decided that I would take some time to explore the local paths on my bike. Out came the Ordnance Survey maps and, making sure I had a puncture repair kit handy and a GPS that can find my way home again, I set out.

It’s amazing what you can find just ten minutes from your home. Beautiful woods, with bluebells still in full bloom, and fields without a soul about. It truly was inspiring. Back on the, now much quieter, roads, little villages and hamlets whizz past that really need a closer inspection. Over tiny brooks with smaller bridges and past gorgeous farmhouses and I’m on the way home.

There might not be much travel going on, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop exploring. It turns out I don’t know about half of the beauty just a few minutes past my own front door.

Published by Nick Taylor | Editor & Proofreader

Editor and proofreader specialising in LGBTQ+ writing, both fiction and non-fiction.

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