Lockdown Blog Day 36

Tuesday, 28th April 2020

My working day is shot! I used to be so disciplined at beginning work activities at a sensible time in the morning, taking a reasonable break at lunchtime, then setting back up at tasks until the evening. I could switch off and stop work, beginning again the next day.

Although I’m used to working from home, as a freelance editor and writer it’s my usual office, the lockdown is somehow playing havoc with my brain. I am more aware that many of my clients are now out of their usual jobs and their own, typical, routines. So perhaps I’m trying to accommodate and fit in with a new normal.

I’m doing tasks that I really should be doing during the working day, very late at night. Not healthy! I’m finding that I’m spending longer to get going in the morning and then longer on the task. In a way this is great for my clients! My brain is far more alert when I do get started and I seem to be going longer.

This lockdown has taught many people that working from home is a viable option. It is providing a healthier planet and a more positive work-life balance, along with many other benefits. Perhaps, too, for everyone, we’re discovering a new rhythm to our working lives.

It was totally unexpected, but I’m finding this newer way of working far more productive. I do hope my clients agree (even if I don’t answer 8 am phone calls!)

Published by Nick Taylor | Editor & Proofreader

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