Lockdown Blog Day 38

Thursday, 30th April 2020

There’s a lot of different things that I’m missing during lockdown (see day 16!).

I’ve realised I need to add something to that list: stationery shopping.

I’m obsessed. I mean, really, totally, compulsive, recklessly obsessed with stationery shopping. I long for:

  • A new pen that glides oh so smoothly
  • A crisp, clean notepad
  • Highlighters in more colours than I know what to do with
  • Sticky notes and tabs to fill up books
  • Files, folders and organisational stuff
  • Staplers, punches and scissors that shine on my desk
  • A nifty, natty, cleaver thing that I don’t ever really use, don’t really know the name of but looks amazing on my desk

I don’t need anything. And I certainly cannot claim it is essential shopping! But what a lovely day it will be when I can walk around a stationers excited by all the endless possibilities to be found in all those lovely, sparkly trinkets.

Published by Nick Taylor | Editor & Proofreader

Editor, proofreader and writer. Available for hire!

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