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Lockdown Blog Day 51

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Wednesday, 13th May 2020

Good news! Well, for my garden at least!

The garden centres are open! On my way back from posting a manuscript off, I walked past a little industrial estate that contains a garden centre and – hip, hip hooray – it’s open again!

My poor vegetables can now get the goodness and the richness they so desire and deserve. I can get some more compost for my potatoes, some tomato feed and some more netting (I do like birds but the buggers can keep off my strawberries!).

My plan was to head out on the bike today to celebrate the partial easing of lockdown restrictions but writing and editing always take priority. And today, I did both!

But it was delightful to know that tomorrow, I’m off to get some non-essentials and I won’t have to feel bad about it.

Incidental, I was reading an old packet of plant food today. Listed in the ingredients was “Nitric Nitrogen”. Is that a thing? Is that not like “muddy mud” or “stony stones”? Any experts, I would appreciate an answer!

So, instead of a long ride to mark restrictions easing, I have decided to change the post’s image. A slow, creep through a crack in the door. We’re getting there. Slowly. We’re getting there.

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