Lockdown Blog Day 67

Friday, 29th May 2020

I’ve been very busy recently, lots of editing and proofreading going on. It proves that people, regardless of what is going on in the world around them still turn to stories.

So, and prompted by a discussion on the CIEP forums, I have dusted off a piece of flash fiction I wrote a while ago. And, being the sort of person I am, here is a story about my favourite piece of punctuation.


A story in exactly 100 words – and a few interrobangs!

“What’s this‽” the teacher cried. “This mark upon your page‽”

“Please, sir, you don’t know‽” I replied. “I believed you would‽”

“What is this eccentric mark‽”

“I thought you taught English language‽” I shouldn’t have applied such a mocking example of the rhetorical, but how could I not‽”

“Don’t be impertinent, you know who I am‽” His face reddening.

“But sir, you must know It’s the rare interrobang, Punctuation merging the exclamation and question marks. For use to end rhetorical questions. Didn’t you know‽”

“Congratulations boy, I knew all along. Were you not able to distinguish my own rhetorical questioning‽”

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