Self-publishing skills: Time management

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Writing, marketing, selling, editing, designing, typesetting … just how do you find all the time?

But the beauty of self-publishing is you can allow yourself all the time in the world. Without the pressure of a publishing house and commissioning editor, you can allow your creative juices to flow, to edit at your leisure and to find time to chase the words until they are perfect.

But that is also the danger!

Without the pressure of the deadline, without someone else hovering over your shoulder, without that nagging, will you get it done? It’s a fine line between progress and procrastination! So how do you tread that line and get your story written and self-published?

That’s going to be different for everyone. But setting a few deadlines along the way is going to help propel you towards getting your book published and selling. Setting a deadline to get something written can be tough. We all know that life can easily get in the way of writing.

To find out more, look at this blog post, all about writing with grit and determination.

Of course, you projects like NaNoWriMo are the perfect way of setting goals and finding support from the wider writing community.

But writing is only half the battle.

It’s after writing that time management becomes key. There’s the publicity, the accounting and, of course, writing your next story as well as real life continuing. Planning is key: know what tasks you need to achieve and by when. What are the priorities? What needs to be done today? What could be done tomorrow?

Some people find lists helpful. Others might plot this all out in a spreadsheet or diary. However you choose to plan, knowing the tasks you have to complete is the first thing. Make a list of everything you need to achieve first then decide on what you need to tackle first.

As with everything in life, though, you can spend ages working on aspects of your book. It’s easy to spend endless amounts of time on publicity, especially on things such as social media. Time management is about learning when to complete a seemingly endless task, accept that you have done as much as you can on it, and move on.

Self-publishing gives you the time and space to do things as your own leisure. But all that time stretching endlessly before you can be dangerous. But with careful planning, prioritising and accepting when to let go you can get it done.

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