Looking ahead to 2021

Well, we made it …

After the year that was, I expect we are all looking forward to a different 2021. I hope that, for you, 2020 wasn’t too hard. I hope that you’ve managed to keep safe and well and those who you love have done so too.

This year has taught us many things and, maybe, we’ll look back on 2020 and learn some things from it. But as the year draws to a close, and Editing Towers winds down for the Christmas and New Year break, let’s look ahead to coming year.

New resources

This year, look out for new resources coming to the resources page of this website. This will expand to resources for editors and proofreaders as well as resources for writers! Things to look out for include:

  • A guide to understanding my edits
  • An updated self-publishing guide
  • My time tracking spreadsheet (for professionals)
  • MS Word tips and tricks, including powerful Find and Replace tools

New books

I have been working on a few books for authors recently and I cannot wait to get these into production for you. One of the hardest things to do is start writing, so I have been working hard to produce a series of books that will, hopefully, inspire your next story. Do keep your eyes peeled for more information!

More training

Training underpins everything I do as a professional editor and proofreader. Why is training so important?

Aside from the basics, proofreading and editorial training allows a safe space for me to practice and hone skills that I have previously learnt and that I use daily. I also get the chance to get feedback from other editors, which is really helpful.

Learning new skills can mean offering more services (I am desperate to offer an indexing service for non-fiction authors but that may need to wait until 2022!) but it can also mean getting more efficient at work. So, a win-win for everyone!

New opportunities

And as the world opens up, slowly, hopefully there will be may new opportunities that I haven’t yet considered. Earlier in the year, quite unexpectedly, I was asked to speak at an event hosted by Out on the Page. I very much enjoyed talking about and answering questions on editing and proofreading. (In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I now offer 15-minute calls for free!)

Hopefully, in-person events will happen more and we can start to get out and talk to humans face-to-face again. In this coming year, I am excited to be marketing in Gramarye (a fantasy fiction magazine run my the University of Chichester) and LINK, the magazine for the National Association of Writers’ Groups. I hope that brings many new and exciting opportunities.

What are your goals?

Is 2021 the year that you self-publish for the first time? Is it the year that you try and write more than one story? Do you make the push into freelance work yourself? I’m always interested to find out more about what you have been up to and I’d be delighted to support you in your own 2021 goals.

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