Tropes vs Cliches: What’s the difference?

When writing, we often hear the words trope and cliché. Understanding the difference between the two is important, as is understanding when to use them effectively in our writing and when to steer well clear! Tropes as tools Tropes are essentially patterns and conventions that provide structure to your storytelling. Frequently unique to a particularContinue reading “Tropes vs Cliches: What’s the difference?”

The Importance of Trans Characters

In recent literary trends, there’s a notable shift towards better representation of LGBTQ+ characters, including those who identify as transgender. This blog post looks at the importance of fostering inclusivity and providing a platform for authentic storytelling.

When to hire me!

You’re in the process of writing your book, so when should you engage the services of a professional editor and what should you be asking them to do when? This blog post will consider when you might like to hire me for the different editorial services I provide.

An Author’s Guide to Copyright

Copyright is a system that protects your writing and prevents others from using it without your explicit permission. Copyright covers all sorts of created things but, for this blog post, we will focus on the written words.

Self-Publishing, Vanity Publishing and Traditional Publishing: Understanding the Differences

You’ve done the hard work and written your novel. So what’s next? What are the different options for publishing and how do you decide which is best for your novel?

The Essential Case for Hiring a Copyeditor for Your LGBTQ+ Self-Published Novel

Crafting a novel is an exhilarating journey, especially when it involves themes and stories from the LGBTQ+ spectrum. As you near the finish line, it’s crucial to understand that the final step, the polish, can significantly impact the reception and success of your book. Here’s why enlisting the expertise of a copyeditor is a game-changerContinue reading “The Essential Case for Hiring a Copyeditor for Your LGBTQ+ Self-Published Novel”

Navigating the Self-Publishing Journey: A Writer’s Guide

Are you an aspiring author with a story to share? Perhaps you’re a seasoned writer looking to take control of your publishing destiny. In either case, self-publishing can be a fantastic option to bring your words to the world. Let’s dive into the self-publishing process step by step.

US First Lady Comes Out Against Book Bans

In a powerful statement, Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States, has publicly condemned the alarming rise of book bans targeting LGBTQ+ literature. This trend restricts access to important stories and information, denying individuals their right to read and explore diverse perspectives. Her firm stance highlights the urgent need for inclusivity and acceptanceContinue reading “US First Lady Comes Out Against Book Bans”

Sensitivity without Stereotyping: Navigating LGBTQ+ Character Portrayals

In the ever-evolving world of literature, diversity and representation have become critical themes. Within this landscape, LGBTQ+ literature has made significant strides in sharing unique stories and experiences. Yet, despite the progress, there’s a persistent challenge that writers and editors must tackle: the portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters without resorting to harmful stereotypes. In this blogContinue reading “Sensitivity without Stereotyping: Navigating LGBTQ+ Character Portrayals”

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