LGBTQ+ Fiction

For too long, stories with LGBTQ+ characters have been niche, specialist or even frowned upon. But stories that represent us are important. For me, gay fiction was a way to escape the closet I was in for so long; an escape into the world that could be.

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It’s vital that we continue to see well-written stories that accurately reflect the LGBTQ+ community. For too long, we have been either under-represented or hidden away. Stories of LGBTQ+ people need to be told.

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Whether the main focus or in a supporting role, LGBTQ+ people need to be visible in stories everywhere, afterall, LGBTQ+ people are everywhere!

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It’s through fiction that we learn about other people and, crucially, about ourselves. Stories told from LGBTQ+ perspectives are vital in explaining who we are and to giving confidence to people who are scared.

I am always excited to edit a new LGBTQ+ themed story or book because I know how important they are to so many people. If you are writing, please get in touch today to find out how I can support you and your writing.

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