Book review: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

This fictional memoir does some serious bi representation and takes us back to a time when bisexuality was really misunderstood.

Book review: United Queerdom

Part memoir, part queer history book and part instruction manual, Dan Glass’s United Queerdom brilliant explains the struggle.

Book review: Lie With Me

“He taps on his cigarette to make the ashes fall, but he hasn’t smoked it enough. It’s a gesture intended to convey composure, but it only makes him appear more vulnerable.”

Book review: Leah on the Offbeat

Leah is determined that her graduation isn’t going to become a “teen movie cliché” which is exactly what Becky Albertalli has written.

The 2020 Pride Parade of Books

June is known as Pride Month. But this year is different. With all the strict measures in place about gatherings, the famous Pride Parades are off. So, instead, I am giving a virtual parade of LGBTQ+ books!

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