Navigating the Self-Publishing Journey: A Writer’s Guide

Are you an aspiring author with a story to share? Perhaps you’re a seasoned writer looking to take control of your publishing destiny. In either case, self-publishing can be a fantastic option to bring your words to the world. Let’s dive into the self-publishing process step by step.

The Importance of Hiring an LGBTQ+ Copyeditor for LGBTQ+ Books

In today’s diverse and inclusive literary landscape, representation matters more than ever. As the LGBTQ+ community gains greater visibility, their stories must be told authentically and respectfully. One essential aspect of ensuring this authenticity is hiring an LGBTQ+ copyeditor for LGBTQ+ fiction books. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why this choice isContinue reading “The Importance of Hiring an LGBTQ+ Copyeditor for LGBTQ+ Books”

Accessible editing

As editors, we strive to make language clear and concise for the reader. When we work, we work with the reader in mind, ensuring that the narrative works. Writers and authors look to us to do exactly that! A novelist is coming to an editor to make sure that their book is perfect for the reader.

The human touch

Anyone who has spent time around a word processor will know that computers are good at picking up on a few, obvious spelling errors. But can a computer replace a human editor?

Why does it matter?

What’s it all for? Why does editing or proofreading matter? Isn’t it just an unnecessary expense? My Auntie Bertha used to be an English teacher …

What is creative non-fiction?

Anything made up is fiction. Anything with facts is non-fiction. So what exactly is creative non-fiction and why does it need editing in the same ways as fiction?

How to save money and make your editor or proofreader happy

You’re a self-publishing author? You’re on a limited budget. You want to make the most of editing and proofreading.

Here are five simple ways that you can do to make the most of any editorial experience.

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