LGBTQ+ language in historical fiction

After considering when to set your LGBTQ+ book, it’s important to then consider how language, particularly queer language, changes through time.

Going italic for Italian

Let’s not get laissez-faire over this. There are rules! So, settle down with your café noir, if that’s your preference, and let’s discuss italics.

It’s all Greek to me

Do you know your recto from your verso? What’s the difference between MSS and MS? What is this stet I keep seeing on the page? Definitions at the end of the post!

A fine line: between style and correctness

My job is frequently portrayed as being about pedantry. The correct use of the comma, the correct use of subject, verb agreement, the correct spellings.

But that’s not always the case.

Lockdown Blog Days 47 and 48

Whether we’re telling a story, selling a product, or issuing governmental directives, clarity is vital. People need to be clear on your message and I fear that a series of ‘if’ statements doesn’t provide a pathway out of lockdown but instead just muddies the water further.

Lockdown Blog Day 40

The Oxford English Dictionary’s New Words List for April 2020 gives these new terms. If you are interested in finding the definitions, head over to their amazing website. It’s one I am using constantly, as words continue to morph and usage changes, especially in these times!

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