The End of the Lockdown Blog

I look forward to returning to a complete normal but know that may be some way off. For now, I will say goodbye to a daily lockdown blog. Thank you for reading and for being part of this record of history.

Lockdown Blog Day 67

Here is a story about my favourite piece of punctuation.

Lockdown Blog Day 66

Was a clap really enough?

This evening marks the last of the nationwide ‘claps for carers’. A moment when, at eight o’clock, people were encouraged to applaud the country’s healthcare workers for all their efforts during the pandemic.

Lockdown Blog Day 63

It has been announced that shops are to begin to reopen. Here’s my post-lockdown shopping list.

Lockdown Blog Day 60

The challenge is to now allow “are you okay?” to become a mundane greeting again. If we keep nothing else from this, let’s keep awareness of each other’s mental wellbeing.

Lockdown Blog Day 59

Inconsistencies can cost a lot. Money from potential clients. Readers from future books. Votes from future elections.

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