Lockdown Blog Day 10

If I was a better person, I would be spending the time in lockdown do something wonderful like reading or podcasting or crafting. Instead, I’m not. True, I’m working my socks off, moving from business contracts to focus on (my real editing passion) fiction works. But, I can’t help but feel that I’m somewhat wasting my time in lockdown.

Lockdown Blog: Days 5 and 6

‘Self-isolation’ is not a novel idea for many people in society. For some, indeed, it is their daily norm. WFH, or working from home, is how some of us earn our keep and not something that seems strange or innovative. For a whole raft of people, including writers and editors, especially those who freelance, life is continuing pretty much as normal, with the exception that the outside world has gone slightly bonkers.

Lockdown Blog: Day 4

After yesterday saying that Covid-19 is the virus that gets everyone, from prisoner to royalty, today we get the announcement that the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock have tested positive for Covid-19 and the Chief Medical Officer is in self-isolation. Are the men that are giving us advice not following it themselves?