Queer characters in books: How to ensure authenticity

Having queer characters in books can be a powerful tool for authenticity and representation for readers, but it’s important to ensure that these characters are accurately portrayed. Queer characters should not be tokenised or used as a plot device, but rather should be fully developed and three-dimensional characters. By ensuring authenticity in your queer characters, you can help create a more inclusive world for readers.

Pride Parade of Books

Welcome to the Pride Parade of Books 2022! These fabulous LGBTQ+ books need your support this Pride Month. There’s a wide range of genres and styles, so take your time and find your next read here in the Pride Parade of Books!

Why write LGBTQ+ stories?

We tell stories for many different reasons: to entertain our readers; to tell them something new about themselves; to record history in an accessible way. Why should LGBTQ+ stories be different? Why do they need telling?

The 2020 Pride Parade of Books

June is known as Pride Month. But this year is different. With all the strict measures in place about gatherings, the famous Pride Parades are off. So, instead, I am giving a virtual parade of LGBTQ+ books!

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