When to hire me!

You’re in the process of writing your book, so when should you engage the services of a professional editor and what should you be asking them to do when? This blog post will consider when you might like to hire me for the different editorial services I provide.

Self-Publishing, Vanity Publishing and Traditional Publishing: Understanding the Differences

You’ve done the hard work and written your novel. So what’s next? What are the different options for publishing and how do you decide which is best for your novel?

Navigating the Self-Publishing Journey: A Writer’s Guide

Are you an aspiring author with a story to share? Perhaps you’re a seasoned writer looking to take control of your publishing destiny. In either case, self-publishing can be a fantastic option to bring your words to the world. Let’s dive into the self-publishing process step by step.

Why Self-Publishing an LGBTQ+ Fiction Book is Best

In recent years, self-publishing has become a game-changer for authors, particularly those within the LGBTQ+ community. As traditional publishing houses evolve, the world of literature is witnessing a surge in self-published LGBTQ+ fiction books. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why self-publishing is the ideal avenue for LGBTQ+ authors to share their stories,Continue reading “Why Self-Publishing an LGBTQ+ Fiction Book is Best”

Guest Blog: Set up your own LGBTQ+ writing group

In this guest post, author David Ledain tells us how he set up a group for local writers to promote sales and why there are benefits to forming a writing group.

Guest Blog: Publishing your LGBTQ+ book

In this guest post, author David Ledain tells us about how times are changing for publishing and why now is the best time to publish your LGBTQ+ fiction.

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