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The Night Before

By SI CLarke

Lem and her dog, Spock, have a late-night encounter with a stowaway.

’Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Teapot…
Not a creature was stirring, not even a lonely robot;
The stockings were hung in the mess hall with care
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

Consider Pegasus

By SI CLarke

A secret unicorn, a desperate family, and a cop dead set on hunting them down.

Lem and the rag-tag gang of galactic adventurers on the starship Teapot are set to become roadies for the galaxy’s hottest band – but an urgent call from Bexley’s family means the rock stars will have to wait.

Bexley’s soon-to-be-born sibling has a big secret: wings. On planet Hwin, skeledivergence is outlawed, so the Teapot crew swoop in to help the family escape.

But their planet won’t let them go that easily. Hunted across the galaxy by a fanatical and eerily familiar cop, the Teapotters must find a way to outwit their pursuer and secure a future for skeledivergent people everywhere.

Dive into the next adventure in this satirical space opera series. Artfully intertwining deep themes with tongue-in-cheek humour and intergalactic ridiculousness, Consider Pegasus is a must-read for fans of Ryka Aoki’s Light from Uncommon Stars or TJ Berry’s Space Unicorn Blues.

Skinny Dipping by Aiden Lovely

Skinny Dipping

By Aiden Lovely

Swimming prodigy, Lan Basin, discovers the body of swim team captain, Marko Pollock, face down in Morrissey’s Pond. Frightened, he leaves to get help, but when he returns to the scene, the corpse is nowhere to be found. He is left confused and suspicious of all those around him. He begins doubting if he ever saw the corpse at all. 

Time passes and he hasn’t come any closer to solving the mystery behind if Marko had drowned or not. The only thing for sure is that no one has seen Marko since that night.  As he searches for clues—anything that will lead him to answers, he must rely on a strange and mysterious student—Morrissey, who is a ghost and the only one who seems to know what is going on. However, when Morrissey suddenly disappears, Lan is left to fend on his own. Then, one night, Lan receives a cryptic text message that leads him into the clutch of a sinister being.  Lan’s in hot water when the sinister monster that once lurked in the shadows, has made him its number one target.

The Grocers’ Son

By Garrick Jones

“I swear to God it was Willoughby. My brother stood not two feet away from me, called me Lina to my face, and pulled Harley into his arms, saying he was sorry, sobbing, and calling him his boy.”
An apparition in Sydney’s fruit and vegetable market leaves the mother of one of Clyde’s best friends believing that her brother, hanged for murder twenty-four years beforehand, has somehow risen from the grave and confronted her.

She is adamant that the visitation was real and visits Clyde asking him to investigate the mass murder her brother was supposed to have committed. She believes he was either set up or was covering for someone else’s crime.

Could this vision have been a folie à deux, a delusional vision shared by both mother and son? As Clyde investigates, clues lead him to one of Australia’s most famous silent screen actors, a man who, together with his murdered father, becomes intrinsically linked to the mass murder, known as The Killing at Candal Creek.

Wheels within wheels, lies, extortion, and coverups lead Clyde to a bloody confrontation on a deserted beach in the tropics. This time, it’s not only his own life at risk but also that of one of his most valued and closest friends.

The Grocers' Son by Garrick Jones
The Sothern Magicks by Askton K. Rose

The Southern Magicks

By Ashton K. Rose

How do you prove your innocence when you don’t even remember whether you did it or not?

After a demon attack reveals Dexter’s secret—that his gran taught him magic, the twenty-three-year-old librarian is forced to work for the local magical law enforcement agency in order to prove his loyalty and hopefully save his grandmother from execution. However, when someone tries to frame him for crimes he doesn’t remember committing, Dexter realizes he’ll have to start an investigation of his own. Joined by his beloved husband Eli, their best friend June, and his journalist cousin Kat, he desperately tries to prove his innocence… which is difficult when gaps in his memory make him doubt everything he thinks he knows about himself.

The race against time begins. Can Dexter and his team uncover the enemies weaving the web of guilt around him before it’s too late, or is he going to lose everything and everyone he cares about?

Dione Escapades

By Ashleigh Strong

Self-proclaimed sexologist Dione Havelock reluctantly accepts the assignment to gain the attention of Condesa Fionha Peralez. Team Dione is on the case. Diminutive Suzie takes charge of the wardrobe and appearance of the voluptuous amazonian giantess, ensuring Dione focuses only on the Condesa and not any of the other temptations she will encounter. As if that could be achieved. Third team member Kaz, the Black amazonian futanari, equal in voluptuous stature to Dione, takes charge of the technology.

Dione is enrolled on the Condesa’s Equestrian and Outdoor Pursuits four-week summer school along with thirteen other ladies. How will she contend with a cool and distant Condesa? Or two devastatingly handsome Viking brothers? Or her beautiful fellow enrolees? Or a violent lesbian? Or a gigantic man-mountain outdoorsman? And an enormous horse? In addition to all the adventurous activities she has been signed up for? Hidden in amongst all these challenges there is also an unknown futanari…Can Team Dione overcome the difficulties and distractions of the assignment? Or will they be overshadowed by a destructive personal issue that threatens the tight bond between the three lovers?

The Dione Escapades by Ashleigh Strong
My Name is Jimmy by Garrick Jones

My Name Is Jimmy

By Garrick Jones

In 1947, James “Jimmy” Bacon becomes involved in a violent workplace altercation fuelled by a PTSD-induced rage. His boss, a fellow war-veteran, tells him to take a few months off work, have a holiday, go somewhere warm, and get his head together.

Jimmy decides to take a coastal steamer to the northernmost outpost of Australia, Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, to visit the grave of his oldest friend, Sandy, killed during the Japanese bombing of the city in 1942. Upon arriving, he discovers that Sandy’s death is not as simple as military records seemed to indicate. After learning that Sandy’s grave contains only an arm with no distinguishing features, he starts asking questions around town in order to find out what really happened to his mate.

The more he asks, the more he discovers that Darwin is less about post-war reconstruction and more about drugs, gambling, and the excessive consumption of alcohol. It’s a lawless city where 95% of the population is male and prostitution is banned, creating a thriving underworld where rough frontier-town blokes and men from the armed forces are doing more with each other than having a beer and passing the time of day.

While digging deeper, Jimmy discovers a terrible truth, arousing the interest of men who would do anything to keep the past a secret—men who consider his life of little value. Jimmy is forced to rely on quick thinking and his army training when death comes looking for him in the dead of night.

A Bill of Exchange

By George Lockwood

What is the shady Italian millionaire up to? Is he all that he seems? Will John Jebb escape his past?

A short story of corruption, fraud, marital infidelity and betrayal in the high echelons of finance and the City of London with echoes of wartime Italy.

A Bill of Exchange by George Lockwood
Hard on Us by Donna Mitra

Hard On Us

By Donna Mitra

I love my husband.
He no longer wants sex.
Is it me?

Join one desperate woman on a quest to fix her dead-bedroom marriage.

Hard On Us is the heart-breaking memoir of a housewife as she fearlessly addresses the shame of feeling undesired by her partner. Author Donna Mitra candidly explores one woman’s intimate thoughts around erectile dysfunction, sex after babies, depression, mismatched libidos, asexuality, an open marriage, and more.

If an ordinary mum believes she’s worthy of a little more love and respect from her partner – don’t you?

Girl Island

By Kate Castle

‘Mean Girls meets Lord of the Flies…I loved it.’


Six teenage girls. One deserted island. Removed from civilised society, can they challenge class, identity and toxic femininity to pull together and survive? Or will they descend into savagery?

Girl Island by Kate Castle
Game of Mass Destruction by Chloe Gilholy

Game of Mass Destruction

By Chloe Gilholy

Yuzuko’s perfect world is disturbed when she is forced to take part in the 30th season of Game of Mass Destruction, a reality tv show where twenty contestants have to fight robots and each other for a chance to become a billionaire. Each robot they destroy gives points, but extra points are rewarded for acts of sex and murder. Whilst Yuzuko is united with online friends, she discovers dark secrets about her family as she confronts the gameshow’s owner the notorious Sia Bucks.

Will she survive and become victorious or will it be a comedy of errors with violence and chaos?

The Kindest Dream

By Yvan Stone

Oliver is a seventeen-year-old boy who has recently moved to a new city. He finds himself in a new school and at a new dojang (Tae Kwon Do field) surrounded by people he is not used to. But he thinks that even though he is facing some changes, his life will remain the same.

That is until he meets Marcus, an eighteen-year-old guy who appears to have his life put together and the personality to take on the world. Specially after he competes at a Tae Kwon Do tournament along with two rising stars. He is out and proud.

When Oliver realizes after a few days of training he’s falling for Marcus, he decides to keep all his thoughts and feelings to himself with the idea their relationship could only exist in a dream. But when Marcus takes the initiative to start a conversation and a friendship leading to an unexpected kiss, perhaps he does have a chance.

But not everything is as simple as that. Oliver is trying to come out of his shell and the closet while Marcus is simply living his life the way he wants it. But their story gets a complicated twist when Marcus gets caught up between dating Oliver or leaving the city to follow his calling. And not only that, their fathers aren’t making it easy for neither of them but for different reasons, a divorced father who wants to dictate his son’s life and an out of line dad trying to protect his young kid. When the time to choose comes, will Marcus decision be what he wants or what he needs? And will Oliver be able to break through and find what he’s been seeking all along? Will they see the bigger picture?

The Kindest Dream by Yvan Stone
How to tell your LGBTQ+ story by David Ledain

How To: Tell Your LGBTQ+ Story

By David Ledain

Are you LGBTQ+?

Have you ever thought of writing and publishing a book about your life? Or an incredible episode or even one astonishing moment from it?
What exactly does that involve and where do you start?

For LGBTQ+ people, sharing our life experiences is vital in letting others know they are not alone.

Writing my first gay non-fiction book and telling my coming out story opened up a whole new world to me. Several books later, and having self-published them all, I want to help other LGBTQ+ writers like you to do the same.

How to: Tell Your LGBTQ+ Story will show you how to navigate what can seem like an impenetrable jungle of obstacles and new skills to learn to get your book published. It is not.

You just need a guide, and here it is.  

X for Extortion

By Garrick Jones

After returning from a secret mission in occupied France for His Royal Highness, George, the Duke of Kent, Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Haupner is looking forward to a cup of tea, a hot bath, and the sleepy head of his American lover, Major Henry Reiter on his shoulder when he wakes up the next morning.

However, along with items Tommy has recovered for the duke, he has also discovered a secret stash of documents, which, when opened, prove to be a poisoned chalice. Tommy and Shorty find themselves caught up in a dangerous web of lies, enemy agents, assassins, and traitors. In an effort to save the reputations of not only their friends, but men and women high in both society and in the government, they themselves become victims of  I.K.S., a former World War One international extortion ring, which has risen, phoenix-like, from the ashes of bomb-devastated London.

X for Extortion by Garrick Jones
Dione Conquests by Ashleigh Strong

The Dione Conquests

By Ashleigh Strong

Dione is the voluptuous amazonian giantess who has been tasked with the assignment to seduce Hugh, the equally tall, handsome husband of rich dominatrix Lexi. The intention is to rescue their marriage, but Dione must not engage emotionally. Fat chance. Unless there happens to be unforeseen distractions. Such as Hugh’s PA. Or a black futanari cam-girl porn star. Or an orange- haired singer in a Goth-rock band. Or the owner of an exclusive fetish clothing factory. Or a British Royal Marine.

Some very interesting body parts are revealed during a journey of self-discovery that Dione takes in this thrilling series of sexual encounters.

Bold Beginning

By T. H. Compton

A clumsy collision at a coffee shop leads to Devon asking Samuel out. Can Samuel open up enough to take to his first shot at love in years? Opposites lead to more than just attraction in Bold Beginning.

Bold Beginning is a short MM age-gap romance featuring a gentle giant and a smooth talking second-hand shopper.

Bold Beginning by T. H. Compton
Break Free by L Goodrick

Break Free

By L Goodrick

One night, while talking to a friend, I discovered that she had been abused. Thirty years on, it was still affecting her. She didn’t know, but I have suffered abuse too.

But I had broken free from the hold that abuse survivors feel. That cycle of self-hate, embarrassment and sabotaging the good in our lives because of the trauma. We feel we don’t deserve to be happy, so we destroy everything. Then, when it falls apart, we won’t get hurt again. It took me years to admit that I had been abused and that I self-harmed with food, alcohol and drugs to try and find peace.

Until you let go, you won’t be free.

Perfect Twist

By T J Gristwood

They say the truth will set you free. But most people don’t want the truth. They want the illusion.

I’m no stranger to illusion. Who is Jackson Doyle, they ask? Who is the man behind the sharp suit and sexy smile? I thought I knew the answer. I’m the Harley Street shrink who heals troubled souls and the man who loves to push boundaries. And I was… until out of the blue a winning lottery ticket shook my world and pushed me abruptly onto a new path.

I never expected to become obscenely rich overnight. I never thought a captivating quirky woman would bewitch me like she has. Money changes many things. But this woman has me in a twist. She’s nothing like anyone I’ve met before… she’s changing me. My new wealth has become irrelevant. Fear is now my concern. Fear she will uncover my secrets and discover the truth of who I am.

A man who craves the touch of women and men. And most importantly a man searching for something most are unwilling to try. A love story made for three.

Cover of Perfect Twist by T. J. Gristwood
Cover of Born of the Sea by Kate Castle

Born of the Sea

By Kate Castle

‘The sea has always felt like my true birthplace. It is where I found myself. It is where I found Mary.’

New Providence island, 1719. A fierce and fearless Anne Bonny joins Jack Rackham the crew of the pirate ship William, embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.

Born of the Sea follows Anne as she cross-dresses, drinks and fights her way through the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy. But Anne’s life is changed forever when she meets Mary Read, plotting a new course on a voyage of self-discovery.

Born of the Sea is a novella based on the true story of the infamous 18th-century pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

The author’s website:

Dare vs the Doll

By SI Clarke

Who expects a haunted doll to be such a nuisance?

When Dare’s dog discovers an abandoned doll on their doorstep, Dare assumes it’s nothing more than a lost toy… until it begins to talk.

After the doll offers up a string of bad suggestions and unhelpful advice, Dare is left wondering if the isolation of lockdown has finally proved too much.

Struggling to get rid of the bed-tempered toy, Dare has no idea that this not-quite-scary fiend will accidentally change everything.

With a dash of humour, this queer cosy-horror short story is a fun, quirky tale – perfect for readers who like the idea of being scared more than the reality of it.

The author’s website:

Cover for Dare vs the Doll by SI Clarke
Stardust Wake by SI Clarke

Stardust Wake

By SI Clarke

Confirmed geeks and childhood friends, Lem and Devon are looking forward to reuniting at a convention. Despite their diverging lives and their fair share of secrets, their shared love of cosplay and science fiction brings them together in ways that nothing else could.

But not all friendships are perfect. When their old schoolfriend Nerys joins them for the day, rifts soon begin to show as the three realise how far they’ve grown apart.

Struggling with Nerys’s insensitivity and her misguided approach to non-binary gender expression, the group are determined to make the most of their time together and embrace their nerdy selves. But with tensions rising, can their friendship withstand the dramatic ways their lives have changed?

A short, thought-provoking backdrop to the author’s White Hart series and her forthcoming Starship Teapot series, Stardust Wake provides an insightful glimpse at complex issues while brimming with passion for all things geek.

The author’s website:

Synthetic Magic

By Ian Barr

The gap between magic and science is closing. Mortals, immortals, and political forces become players in a gambit for power, with stakes far higher than they realize. For the world sees the possibilities of new technology and old magics, but so do the gods.

Synthetic Magic by Ian Barr
All The Wrong Love by JN Supermom

All The Wrong Love

By JN Supermom

I believe that as a child what happens in our life is not a choice, it is a circumstance. As we grow we begin to make choices, sometimes they are for the good and health of us; other times they are completely unhealthy. No matter what the choices are, you can always make a new one. This is my journey, as far back as I can remember there has been abuse. As I grew up, I made choices that kept the abuse going. Now, I choose to heal, let go of what haunts my mind and to forgive, those who did wrong. Forgiveness is not about them, it is about me.

Follow my journey through these writings, from my youngest memories of abuse, to the decisions I made that kept it and to my final stages of forgiveness.

The author’s website:


By Ruby Brooks

“Do not underestimate the things I would do to keep her safe.”

How do you destroy the monster without becoming one?
It’s something I ask myself a lot.
When my girlfriend goes missing without a trace, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to get her back.
Even if it means becoming the thing I was most afraid of.

I always thought watching my parents getting murdered was going to be the single worst thing to happen to me in my life.
I was wrong.
I need to learn how to fight, take care of myself.
My life might just depend on it.

The author’s website:

Cole by Ruby Brooks
Between the Rock and Cloud by Pete Draer

Between the Rock and Cloud

By Pete Draper

The strength of a tenuous coalition is tested and once bitter rivals now prepare to rid the Green Sea of slavery. A small island provides an opportunity to solidify their alliance.

Opposing them, the Shades await. The monstrous beasts hide their faces behind helmets with evil smiles, though they seem more alike than humans would believe.

Beliefs and prejudices are challenged when new, gruesome weapons hit both sides of the battlefield. They must fight against the elements and incompetent leadership on a mission between the rock and cloud.

The author’s website:

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