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Some of the recent books I’ve worked on and the authors I have supported.

All The Wrong Love

By JN Supermom

I believe that as a child what happens in our life is not a choice, it is a circumstance. As we grow we begin to make choices, sometimes they are for the good and health of us; other times they are completely unhealthy. No matter what the choices are, you can always make a new one. This is my journey, as far back as I can remember there has been abuse. As I grew up, I made choices that kept the abuse going. Now, I choose to heal, let go of what haunts my mind and to forgive, those who did wrong. Forgiveness is not about them, it is about me.

Follow my journey through these writings, from my youngest memories of abuse, to the decisions I made that kept it and to my final stages of forgiveness.


By Ruby Brooks

“Do not underestimate the things I would do to keep her safe.”

How do you destroy the monster without becoming one?
It’s something I ask myself a lot.
When my girlfriend goes missing without a trace, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to get her back.
Even if it means becoming the thing I was most afraid of.

I always thought watching my parents getting murdered was going to be the single worst thing to happen to me in my life.
I was wrong.
I need to learn how to fight, take care of myself.
My life might just depend on it.

Between the Rock and Cloud

By Pete Draper

The strength of a tenuous coalition is tested and once bitter rivals now prepare to rid the Green Sea of slavery. A small island provides an opportunity to solidify their alliance.

Opposing them, the Shades await. The monstrous beasts hide their faces behind helmets with evil smiles, though they seem more alike than humans would believe.

Beliefs and prejudices are challenged when new, gruesome weapons hit both sides of the battlefield. They must fight against the elements and incompetent leadership on a mission between the rock and cloud.

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