Just Write Right

Just Write Right

Professionalsupportive and affordable editing and proofreading services for self-publishing and independent authors.

Specialist LGBTQ+ editor. Because our stories matter.

What I do

From big picture developmental work, to fine detail, I offer a range of services to support your writing projects.

Not sure on your story’s plot points or organisation? A developmental edit can help structure your book, develop your characterisation and take your writing to the next level.

Copyediting is not just a detailed, line by line assessment to check for spelling, punctuation and grammar gremlins. It’s also a check for consistency, conciseness and readability. I’ll also pick up other potential issues with your manuscript.

Whether its for ebooks, printed books or magazine layouts, I can help you to prepare your manuscript for publishing.

Finally, I can proofread before you publish, making sure that text is formatted correctly, is error-free and ready for your readers. I’ll check that all the editorial decisions are correct and that your work is ready for reading.

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Why edit? Why proofread?

Whoever your readers are, show them that you care.

  • A fresh pair of eyes. Sometimes, we’re just too close to our own words that we don’t notice our own mistakes.
  • Pick up on fine details. You are the expert writer. Now allow an expert editor to go through your manuscript with an experienced pair of eyes.
  • Everyone shouts when they spot a typo! Nobody notices when your text is error free but they are always too keen to shout – and leave bad reviews – when they do spot one.
  • Learn for next time. I’ll give you detailed feedback which can help you to improve your writing for your next project.

Who I work with

Fiction writers

Non-fiction writers



My specialism is working with writers of LGBTQ+ texts, both fiction and non-fiction, meaning I work across a variety of genres and topics, including:

  • Fantasy, sci-fi and spec fic
  • Thrillers and spy novels
  • Romance and erotica
  • Literary fiction
  • YA and NA novels
  • Screenplays and associated materials
  • Short stories and novellas

I have also worked with non-fiction texts, including:

  • Memoir and autobiography
  • Self-help books
  • Aviation history

Why me?

Why choose me to carefully and attentively tend to your text?

I know and understand how hard it can be to give your text to an editor. I edit sensitively and carefully with you and your readers in mind.

Some of the books I’ve worked on

  • Cover of Cole by Ruby Brooks
  • Cover of Between the Rock and Cloud by Pete Draper
  • Cover of All The Wrong Love by JN Supermom
  • Cover of Sky Talk by Philip Hogge, published by Burnt Ash
  • Cover of Dare vs the Doll by SI Clarke
  • Cover of Born of the Sea by Kate Castle
  • Cover of Perfect Twist by T. J. Gristwood
  • Break Free by L. Goodrick
  • Dione Conquests by Ashleigh Strong
  • X for Extortion by Garrick Jones
  • How To: Tell Your LGBTQ+ Story by David Ledain
  • The Kindest Dream by Yvan Stone
  • Game of Mass Destruction by Chloe Gilholy
  • Girl Island by Kate Castle
  • Cover of Stardust Wake by SI Clarke

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