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Non-fiction authors

Developmental editing

Developing a non-fiction book involves understanding how to present information to the reader. In narrative non-fiction, your voice is important. A developmental edit can help to structure your writing.


Checking for consistency, clarity, conciseness and correctness. This level of editing is great for when you are happy with your story but want to tighten up your prose and iron out any wrinkles. Copyediting will also deal with spelling, punctuation and grammar issues.

Typesetting & formatting

Whether you are creating a print book, ebook or both, I can use work with you to design beautiful interior pages that draw your reader in.


Ready to print? (Or whatever the ebook equivalent is!) Proofreading is the final check before publishing and ensures that all spelling, punctuation and grammar are correct as well as formatting and page layout elements are right too.


How long does it take?

How long is a piece of string!? Generally, you should allow at least a month for editing and around two weeks for proofreading but, of course, that depends on your manuscript!

How far in advance are you booked up?

My diary fills up quickly. If you can, get your enquiry in early. I can sometimes squeeze in projects so do get in touch.

My book doesn’t contain any LGBTQ+ themes. Will you still edit it?

Absolutely! Although LGBTQ+ writing is my specialism, I can edit and proofread in most genres. Get in touch to find out more.

I write in American English, can you proofread it?

Of course! Just let me know at the briefing stage and I can work with a variety of reginal Englishes.

As a writer of gay non-fiction, I need an editor who not only has the skills, but also understands where I’m coming from and I can trust. Nick Taylor delivers on all accounts.

David Ledain, Author
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