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Thanks to Nicholas, my novel received the final polish it needed to be ready for sale. During his proofread, he was able to correct small but important mistakes to improve the readability. He was a much-needed pair of fresh and educated eyes. Nicholas was very professional and helped walk me through the process of hiring a proofreader as a first-time author.

Ashton K. Rose, Author of The Southern Magicks

It’s always a pleasure working with Nick. He’s fast, thorough, responsive and extremely reliable. And he always seems to catch all sorts of things I’ve missed. Exactly what you want from a copyeditor!

Kate Castle, Author of Born of the Sea and Girl Island

As a beta reader, Nick’s services were outstanding. The style and quality of his feedback report surpassed all expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again. Thank you Nick!

Chris Thompson, Author

Nick’s manner and professionalism helped put my mind at ease. I had a fast approaching deadline and as a new author I was nervous about getting everything accomplished in time. He exceeded my expectations and I am already trying to book his services again.

T. H. Compton, Author

Working with Nicholas has been wonderful. He is always incredibly quick, has great attention to detail and has helped to make our content the best it can be. I would not hesitate to recommend working with him!

Zoë Schulz, Customer Success Manager, myGwork

Nicholas truly helped to bring my writing to life. I’m a screenplay writer, and I used Just Write Right services to make sure my series bible and treatments were polished. Nicholas was patient and let me explain what the purpose of each item was. We ended updating my bio as well. It was a true pleasure to work with him, and I highly recommend his services!

Norma Stanton, Screenwriter

Nicholas’ work was fast, thorough and immaculate. Found ways to improve what I thought was finished. Very thankful for the work done and will consider for future reference!

Isabella Beatriz, Author

I was delighted with the work! The stylistic feedback was very helpful, and the edits caught all the details I’d missed.

Erin Hodge, Author

Great editing service, picked up on things I wouldn’t have noticed even after several drafts. Will definitely consider again in the future.

Pete Draper, Author

Nicholas did an amazing job copy editing. He was polite and professional. I highly recommend his service.

Travis Guberud, Author

I sent in the first chapter of my fantasy novel as part of Nick’s generous free sample edit and I was so impressed! Not only did he catch things that I hadn’t, but he did so in a timely and thorough manner.
I will definitely be considering expanding our professional relationship in the near future!

Ian Barr, Author

Nick did an incredible job with my short story. He gave me the insight I needed to polish my story. He was prompt and professional. I highly recommend him and I will continue to use him in the future.

Eloisa Hilton, Author

Nicholas is the perfect editor. It is difficult to beat expectations nowadays. He did it. I got so much more I thought I was going to get. I will DEFINITELY hire him for the entire novel as soon as I finish it.

 Arif Alfaraz, Author
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