The human touch

Anyone who has spent time around a word processor will know that computers are good at picking up on a few, obvious spelling errors. But can a computer replace a human editor?

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Why does it matter?

What’s it all for? Why does editing or proofreading matter? Isn’t it just an unnecessary expense? My Auntie Bertha used to be an English teacher …

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The art of juggling

Ask any freelancer, be it editorial or another profession, and they will tell you how hard it can be. But they’ll tell you as many reasons for going freelance.

There’s no doubting that freelancing is tough: no guarantees, no certainty and no security if it all goes wrong. But freelancing is incredibly liberating. Choosing when to work, where to work, how much to do.

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What do you get?

You send me your manuscript … then what? What do you get afterwards?

What I return to you depends on what level of editing you have asked for. In this blog post, I’ll break down what you get from the different editing services that I provide. Not sure what you need? This blog post may help.

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