When to hire me!

You’re in the process of writing your book, so when should you engage the services of a professional editor and what should you be asking them to do when? This blog post will consider when you might like to hire me for the different editorial services I provide.

The Essential Case for Hiring a Copyeditor for Your LGBTQ+ Self-Published Novel

Crafting a novel is an exhilarating journey, especially when it involves themes and stories from the LGBTQ+ spectrum. As you near the finish line, it’s crucial to understand that the final step, the polish, can significantly impact the reception and success of your book. Here’s why enlisting the expertise of a copyeditor is a game-changerContinue reading “The Essential Case for Hiring a Copyeditor for Your LGBTQ+ Self-Published Novel”

The Importance of Hiring an LGBTQ+ Copyeditor for LGBTQ+ Books

In today’s diverse and inclusive literary landscape, representation matters more than ever. As the LGBTQ+ community gains greater visibility, their stories must be told authentically and respectfully. One essential aspect of ensuring this authenticity is hiring an LGBTQ+ copyeditor for LGBTQ+ fiction books. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why this choice isContinue reading “The Importance of Hiring an LGBTQ+ Copyeditor for LGBTQ+ Books”

Guest post: Join me in starting an LGBTQ+ group

Author David Ledain wants to connect with other LGBTQ+ writers and creatives to form an alliance, work together and share in the successes.

Green editing

Inspired by the CIEP’s Environmental Policy Working Group, I’ve been considering the environmental impact of my work editing and proofreading. After all, there is no planet B, so we need to take care and think about the future.

Accessible editing

As editors, we strive to make language clear and concise for the reader. When we work, we work with the reader in mind, ensuring that the narrative works. Writers and authors look to us to do exactly that! A novelist is coming to an editor to make sure that their book is perfect for the reader.

A brand new look!

Repeat visitors to my website and regular readers of this blog may have noticed a change recently. Yes – I have a brand new logo and a bright new orange colour scheme! In this blog, I’ll explain some of my reasons for this, my experiences of rebranding and why I think I was at the right stage to do it.

Easily confused: singular “they”

When it comes to writing about sex, sexuality and gender, there are some easily confusable terms. This is the first in short series of blog posts looking at those easily confusable terms to help writers, editors and proofreaders understand the differences.

This blog post looks at the pronoun “they” when used in the singular.

Resources I use for editing LGBTQ+ texts

Are you an editor or proofreader that needs resources for editing and proofreading LGBTQ+ content? Then here’s some books and websites that you might find helpful!

Why I offer authenticity reading

Why is authenticity reading important and who needs one? This blog post will look at my services as an authenticity reader of LGBTQ+ writing.

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