Why Self-Publishing an LGBTQ+ Fiction Book is Best

In recent years, self-publishing has become a game-changer for authors, particularly those within the LGBTQ+ community. As traditional publishing houses evolve, the world of literature is witnessing a surge in self-published LGBTQ+ fiction books. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why self-publishing is the ideal avenue for LGBTQ+ authors to share their stories,Continue reading “Why Self-Publishing an LGBTQ+ Fiction Book is Best”

Writing queer non-fiction

David Ledain is the author of many LGBTQ+ non-fiction titles. I had the privilege of working with him on the book How to tell your LGBTQ+ story both contributing to the book and then editing it. It’s a great introduction to self-publishing your LGBTQ+ story and is packed full of advice and tips. Do make sure you check it out!

Talking about books on YouTube

Publicity is key when it comes to selling your self-published books. BookTubers, such as J.E. Cearlock, can provide a vital service when it comes to getting your book noticed.

Talking cover design

It might be a cliché, but buyers do judge books by their covers. For self-publishing authors, cover design is an important part of the process and something you need to seriously consider.

How to save money and make your editor or proofreader happy

You’re a self-publishing author? You’re on a limited budget. You want to make the most of editing and proofreading.

Here are five simple ways that you can do to make the most of any editorial experience.

Self-publishing skills: Learning and getting better!

So that’s it! You’ve written your book. Designed it, inside and out. Publicised it, sold it, and managed your finances and time effectively.

That’s it then. Well, yes and no.

Self-publishing skills: Accounting and finance

As a self-publishing author, you are really a small publisher. And with that, will come income (hopefully) but there will definitely be costs! Keeping on top off this is key and you’ll need to learn to be an accountant, as well as all the other things you need to learn.

Self-publishing skills: Selling your books

Welcome back to another look into the skills you’ll need as a self-publishing author. Last time we looked at publicity, now let’s look at selling your newly made book. Remember you can subscribe to get the latest blog posts direct to your inbox!

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