LGBTQ+ writing

Our stories matter.

For too long, stories with LGBTQ+ characters have been niche, specialist or even frowned upon. But stories that represent us are important. For me, gay fiction was a way to escape the closet I was in for so long; an escape into the world that could be.

I specialise in working with LGBTQ+ stories and non-fiction work. I understand the diversity and variety found within our community and will sensitively and sympathetically edit your manuscript. I offer advice to writers and editors on all aspects of LGBTQ+ writing and am happy to answer any questions. Please get in touch to find out more.

I am always excited to edit a new LGBTQ+ themed story or book because I know how important they are to so many people. If you are writing, please get in touch today to find out how I can support you and your writing.

I offer a range of editorial services, including:

  • Developmental editing
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Beta reading and sensitivity reading
  • Typesetting and formatting

As a writer of gay non-fiction, I need an editor who not only has the skills, but also understands where I’m coming from and I can trust. Nick Taylor delivers on all accounts.

David Ledain, Author

It’s always a pleasure working with Nick. He’s fast, thorough, responsive and extremely reliable. And he always seems to catch all sorts of things I’ve missed. Exactly what you want from a copyeditor!

Kate Castle, Author

Some LGBTQ + books I’ve worked on

Take a look at some of the excellent LGBTQ+ books I’ve worked on.

  • Girl Island by Kate Castle
  • Cover of Perfect Twist by T. J. Gristwood
  • How To: Tell Your LGBTQ+ Story by David Ledain
  • The Kindest Dream by Yvan Stone
  • Game of Mass Destruction by Chloe Gilholy
  • X for Extortion by Garrick Jones
  • Dione Conquests by Ashleigh Strong
  • Break Free by L. Goodrick

Writing about LGBTQ+ writing and editing

Along with editing and proofreading, I write about the importance of LGBTQ+ books.

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  1. It’s important to me because–as someone in their late 40’s–it would have changed my entire world to know that I wasn’t alone when I was young!

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