The 2020 Pride Parade of Books

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June is known as Pride Month. But this year is different. With all the strict measures in place about gatherings, the famous Pride Parades are off. So, instead, I am giving a virtual parade of LGBTQ+ books!

Books with LGBTQ+ themes are so important. It’s through stories that we learn about people who are different to us. It’s through stories that we connect to other people, find their struggles and their desires.

Here’s a mix of some well-known books and independently published books for you to try this Pride month!

Disclaimer: These are not books I have worked on. I take no credit for any editorial input on any of these titles. Some information has been provided by the authors.

Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman

No LGBTQ+ book blog would be complete without this amazing title. Set in rural Italy, an American student comes to stay with Elio’s family. Soon, Oliver and Elio find passions stirring in this sensitive and sensual novel.

The must read novel. Although the film isn’t bad either! The sequal, Find Me, is next on my reading list, but, boy, does it have a lot to live up to!

Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

A very American coming of age book, cleverly told through the use of emails. When one high school student ‘Blue’ comes out online, Simon feels the need to come out too. But, things don’t go smoothly in this tale.

Again, also now a film and one that is certainly worth a watch. And the sequel, Leah On The Off Beat is pretty good too, although not as god as Simon.

The Swimming-Pool Library by Alan Hollinghurst

A quintessentially British tale of a, not quite forbidden but certainly not embraced, romance. Set in the 1980s, with characters that are at home in public schools and gentleman’s clubs, it is very different to the coming of age tale of Albertalli’s!

The Bartender’s Pride by TJ Dallas

This novel follows Lara as she moves to a new city and comes to terms with her desire for another woman: a seductive bartender with a supernatural secret. The seven managers at the Cardinal are sexy, sinful, and some might even say Deadly. 

The Pyre Starter by Jamie N. Schock

Dakota tries to end his life—only to be saved by his friend Terrell, who then drags him into a world of magic, where powerful people are pulling the planet into war. Dakota soon finds himself in over his head with love, with family, with fighting for their lives.

Daimonion by J. P. Jackson

Dati Amon wants to be free from his satyr master and he hates his job-hunting human children who display demon balefire. Every hunt has been successful, except one. A thwarted attempt ended up as a promise to spare the child of a white witch, an indiscretion Dati hopes Master never discovers.

Game of Mass Destruction by Chloe Gilholy

Yuzuko and her girlfriend have been chosen to take part in a brutal reality TV show where ten pairs fight a thousand robots and each other for a chance to become a billionaire. Amongst the mix of contestants are her online friends who she considers family. As she plays the game, secrets of her ‘perfect’ family are unleashed. 

Magic or Die by J. P. Jackson

James Martin is a teacher, a powerful Psychic, and an alcoholic. He used to work for the Center for Magical Research and Development, a facility that houses people who can’t control their supernatural abilities, but left after one of his students was killed, turning to vodka to soothe his emotional pain. The problem is he still has one year left on his contract.

Oranges by Gary Eldon Peter

Oranges traverses in linked short stories the life of Michael, a gay man from the Midwest who must find his own confusing path to adulthood after personal loss. Coming to terms with his sexuality against the backdrop of AIDS, Oranges is about the never-ending search for connection, validation, intimacy and, above all, love.

Sons of Taldra by Duane Simolke

Taldra guides her world and loves her twin gay sons, Telius and Argen. Both twins help their mother battle alien shapeshifters. Admiral Nil, another of Valchondria’s protectors, holds deep grudges and dark secrets that might pose an even greater threat.

Dog Days by Marie Fox

Love hurts and James Harper has the scars to prove it. Six years after the end of a deadly, toxic relationship, James is content in life. Enter Aiden Cross. Now James must decide if he is willing to settle for content or risk further pain for a chance at happiness. 

Gay Dad by David Ledain

How many gay men end up marrying women? We don’t know for sure, but we do know they contribute to a sizeable proportion of the gay population. For gay men who have married a woman, the idea that they are alone in this respect is far from the truth.

This Forbidden Fruit by David Ledain

Where are the gay legends and stories of the past? Where do we look to find them? Why have societies differed so in their acceptance or not of homosexuality through the ages? Why against all odds do homosexuals exist? This Forbidden Fruit uncovers the myths and answers these and many other questions about male homosexuality.

Shadow is a Colour by Michael Langan

Michael Langan’s novel uses works by the painter Paul Cézanne to weave together multiple stories from around the world about fathers and sons, lovers and boyfriends, closeted pop icons and filmstars, and the lasting effects of trauma. This highly affecting debut asks, Can art ever save us? Can love?

See my review of this book here.

The Incredible Real Life Monster Man by L. B. La Vigne

Real boyfriends are out, monster boyfriends are in. Renin will tantalize you with his silly, and sultry ways.

Summer Dreams by Helen Dale

“Summer Dreams” is an authentic story of the transgender community  and illustrates the wide range of trans people’s experiences, the problems, prejudices and fears that they face (and some of their own prejudices) — and the fact that being trans is just one facet of their lives. It was inspired by a true incident when the author was about nineteen.

A Tale of Two Lives by Helen Dale

The story of growing up as a RAF Brat; concealing a secret for years finally accepting what I was and doing something about it – and life after transition. Being the first openly trans employee in the Probation Service and working for LGBT rights for staff and offenders.

Transgender Tales by Helen Dale

An online diary I kept between 1997 and 1999, My thoughts over that period when I started by identifying as transvestite but began to wonder if I was actually transsexual and if I would eventually need to transition permanently. Plus some short stories and anecdotes.

Understanding Gender Variance by Helen Dale

Based on my training workshops and my personal experiences supporting other trans individuals. It is intended to be easy to read keeping jargon to a minimum and explaining terms in simple language. The information is laid out in logical sections — with a comprehensive contents section to find relevant details easily.

To Tame the Amber Eye Feline by Sabrina Oyinloye

Noema Voclain’s life was turned upside down when she list her father and her mother remarried. She had to make a decision – a decisioon that took her on the most dangerous adventure of a lifetime, and also into the arms of Agent William Lam

Best Laid Plaids by Ella Stainton

In 1920s Scotland, even ghosts wear plaid.

Welcome to a sexy, spooky new paranormal historical series from debt author Ella Stainton.

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