A brand new look!

My experience of rebranding

Repeat visitors to my website and regular readers of this blog may have noticed a change recently. Yes – I have a brand new logo and a bright new orange colour scheme! In this blog, I’ll explain some of my reasons for this, my experiences of rebranding and why I think I was at the right stage to do it.

I’ve been a freelance editor and proofreader for three years now and have finally settled into my niche: LGBTQ+ editing and proofreading. So, after a few years with a logo I designed myself (on Microsoft PowerPoint!), I decided now was the time to get something a little better and something that reflected my editorial business.

My logos … old and new!

As a freelancer, I am very keen to not appear as a corporate entity! I am a human being first and I didn’t want to appear as a business first. I have always made a point of being me not us. There is no one else editing your words. So I wanted a logo that reflected me and the work that I do.

Come June, we will see plenty of corporate logos splashed with a rainbow background for Pride Month. That was something else that I wanted to avoid! I am not proud just in June … this is my life and I wanted a logo that reflected that.

But getting all this in to a design was something beyond me. I can do words, I can even do page layouts, but I cannot combine all of my needs and wants into one simple, effective design. I am not a logo designer!

So it was time to call in the professionals.

I wanted to work with a queer designer or a queer business. It matters to me and I felt that it would help more accurately reflect my aims.

In step Nautilus Marketing.

Tom and the team expertly guided me through the process. From my initial ideas and things to avoid, they produced some ideas and were more than happy to fiddle and tweak until I was happy. They were also excellent at producing some other marketing materials for me that I have been able to use throughout the website and elsewhere.

The excellent result is so simple that many people have said: “couldn’t you have done that?” Well, no! I am no expert when it comes to design: I’m a words expert!

I think the result captures my editorial work perfectly, shows the LGBTQ+ specialism (but not exclusive!) and conveys that sense of seriousness and fun that my work brings.

Since the Nautilus team delivered my brand new logo, I’ve been hard at work putting it everywhere! Look out for my brand new logo on my socials, newsletter, business cards, postcards, bookmarks, stickers … the list goes on!

I’m really proud of the design and what it stands for. I’m really excited that this marks the next step in my editorial business: it feels like a grown up business now and I have an identity that will last and that reflects me.

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Published by Nick Taylor | Editor & Proofreader

Editor and proofreader specialising in LGBTQ+ writing, both fiction and non-fiction.

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