Guest blog: Willa Scantlebury

Tell us a little about your book

Two best friends spend over a decade bouncing off each other, as they navigate through the tribulations of love, sexuality and finding the truth.

Why did you decide to write about queer characters?

Ultimately, I wanted to write a story about the sex abuse within the Catholic church. I wanted to expose how it’s more common than what people think.

The interior of a church

How did you make sure that your writing did no harm to the community?

More and more actual news stories similar to mine came out, so I knew it was safe to write about… Though, it certainly did/does piss some people off! (People that are prude and/or Catholic homophobes.) I wanted my book to be a shocker, but it published four years later, after many such stories surfaced.

What research did you have to do to authentically represent the queer community in your writing?

Not much really, I wrote from my heart. I did pass my original manuscript to some gay friends and they were like, “OMG, you nailed it!”

Your book deals with some dark topics. Describe the experience of writing that.

I found it easy to write about then; when I was in the midst of a scene, everything unfolded naturally for me. I couldn’t write about it fast enough… It needed to get out there, the words flew from my fingertips. (Picture the witch in Wizard of Oz trying to touch the ruby slippers!)

Did you seek authentic voices as part of your editing and feedback?

Yup! Passing my manuscript to those that would know and understand, sealed the deal for me.

The cover of The Sun and the Moon

How can people find out more about your book?

They can follow me on social media, look up the book’s website or simply read about it on Amazon.

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